Modular Switchgears

Laleli CCE HMH Series Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears are designed for use in medium voltage secondary distribution systems of up to 36 kV in kiosk-type or conventional substations as well as industrial premises for indoor use, and are manufactured in compliance with IEC standards. All type tests are completed in international accredited laboratories (KEMA, etc.) and routine tests are also carried out at our factory. Laleli CCE air insulated metal enclosed modular switchgears can safely be commissioned and put in service in a very short time.

Type HMH 12 HMH 24 HMH 36
Rated Voltage 12 kV 24 kV 36 kV
Network Frequency Withstand Voltage 1min 28 kV 50 kV 70 kV
Clearance 32 kV 60 kV 80 kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (1.2/50 µsec) 75 kV 125 kV 170 kV
Clearance 85 kV 145 kV 195 kV
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Rated Current 630-1250 A 630-1250 A 630-1250 A
Rated Short Circuit Withstand Current (1sec)(3sec) 16-20-25 kA 16-20-25 kA 16-20-25 kA
Rated Short Circuit Closing Current 50 kA-tepe 40 kA-tepe 40 kA-tepe